Geo Holiday Timeshare Presents Best United States Roller Coasters for Thrill Seekers

Geo Holiday Timeshare knows that vacations are one of the best times to be adventurous and try exciting new things. For all the thrill seekers out there, there are a thousand new things to experience and many of these can be found in the United States. Geo Holiday Timeshare presents some of the most exciting roller coasters in the U.S. for thrill seekers.

  • Kingda Ka: This roller coaster is in the Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, and is the tallest roller coaster in the world, standing 456 feet tall. It also boasts the world’s furthest drop on a roller coaster, which is 418 feet. Its top speed is 128 miles per hour, and it presents an ultimate thrill seekers dream.
  • X2 Roller Coaster: Located in Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, this roller coaster is 190 feet tall at its highest point and plummets riders up to 215 feet. It also reaches a speed of 76 mph. However, the highlight of this coaster is that it has a feature that allows seats to spin and rotate a full 360 degrees while the roller coaster is in motion.
  • X-Scream: What makes this rollercoaster unique is the fact that it is actually on top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, putting the coaster nearly 866 feet in the air. It also juts out nearly 30 feet over the edge of the building. For added thrill, or perhaps chills, the coaster rocks back and forth on the track, making it a truly suspenseful ride.

GeoHoliday Timeshare Features Aquamarine Villas in Oceanside, California

GeoHoliday Timeshare wants travelers to know of the serene beauty of Oceanside, California and the Aquamarine Villas. Only one block from the beach in North San Diego County, Oceanside has been named the seventh most desire climate in America. The gateway city between San Diego and Los Angeles, Oceanside not only boasts a superb year-round climate, but also world-class beaches perfect for fishing, surfing, sailing, boating, and winter whale watching.

Among the three and a half miles of beaches, Oceanside hosts many exciting and intense national surfing championships, including the World Body Surfing Championships held in mid-August. Moreover, Oceanside has an exceptional small-craft harbor for boats and yachts. Whether on land or sea, these are only some of the reasons why Oceanside is a perfect destination for a great vacation.

For those looking to explore further, GeoHoliday Timeshare recommends excursions to areas like San Diego and Mexico, which can be reached conveniently by car, boat, or plane. Attractions such as Disneyland, Sea World, and Legoland are ideal for families and people of all ages, Oceanside is an exceptional home base for travelers to go out and see the area before returning to relax in a world-class one or two bedroom suite at Aquamarine Villas, complete with fully equipped kitchens and satellite television.


GeoHoliday Timeshare Members Discuss The American Heritage Of Arkansas

GeoHoliday Timeshare members say that even though when people think of quality vacations in the United States, they usually don’t think of Arkansas straight off, but GeoHoliday wants to correct that perception. Arkansas is definitely one of the States that is a true representative of American culture and heritage.

The Ozarks of Arkansas are what everyone is familiar with, and there is more than one person that has gone there on vacation and refused to go back home! The beautiful Ozarks are definitely a place where the wilds are alive and you can take a long, leisurely hike.  Or, take another bite of American history and travel down the mighty Mississippi, hopefully being able to catch one of the restored riverboats and you’ll be humming “Old Man River” in no time.

GeoHoliday Timeshare  members suggest you see Ole Miss, which has brought about fifty two different parks along its banks, places where you can go fishing and try for that elusive trout or bass, or take a quiet time watching the eagles that have come back to populate the parks. Three of these parks are restored historical towns, life-size attractions that make outdoors museums. Davidsonville State Park is one that was discovered by accident three inches below ground, and is still a subject of study by archeology majors. Two fully restored towns to explore are the Historic Washington State Park and Powhatan Historic State Park, a definite must see.

If your interest lies in museums, take a tour around the numerous museums that dot the state. GeoHoliday members feel that travelers will enjoy a tour through the Plantation Agricultural Museum, which even has demonstrations of how cotton was refined and spun with its restored cotton gin. Or, if that’s not enough, take in the Hampson Archeological Museum that has fragments, shards, and restored pieces of pottery done by the native Nodena people.

Arkansas is a very pretty slice of America, and GeoHoliday Timeshare can really help you to explore it properly.


GeoHoliday Timeshare Members Offer Dominican Travel Tips For A Wonderful Experience

GeoHoliday Timeshare members know that the citizens of the Dominican Republic are quiet sociable, peaceful and helpful. However, most of its locals speak some English and an attempt at speaking Spanish, its native language is appreciated by its locals. Therefore, it is best that you grasp a few Spanish phrases when you plan to travel to Dominican Holiday destination as this way you will be received warmly.

GeoHoliday Timeshare members also recommend tourist to avoid Haiti as a conversation topic with its friendly locals as this can spur things between them and the locals. The Dominicans have a very strong cultural identity and even though ties between the two places have improved quiet, a lot but there are some artifacts of prejudice and unfavorable attitudes left between the two. Most of these conflicts develop due to the illegal immigration of the locals of Haiti to the Dominicans Republic.

GeoHoliday Timeshare  members are aware that the locals of the Dominican culture try to be physically close and touch the person that they converses with them so while communicating with them you should be  prepared for all this. Since Americans are not physically open and operate with a personal bubble and touching seems to be a little forthcoming in many social situations. Moreover, this may seem strange to the tourists holidaying in the area. Eye control is also very important for the Dominican locals while keeping a steady line of conversations as it is seen as a sign of respect and interest. The locals of the area are quiet direct and revealing in their conversation as compared to the Americas who are more open to share personal information. Tourists holidaying in Dominican destinations should never feel offensive and disrespectful if any local becomes candid and open with you them any personal topic.

GeoHoliday Timeshare members highlight the fact that though the cultural differences   and behavior may seem alien but the concept of respect and a warm smile are universal in the world so it is best that you must be polite, honest and friendly as this way any mishap in communication will be easily forgiven.


GeoHoliday Timeshare Recommends Some Beach Safety Tips

GeoHoliday Timeshare knows that with the summer heat weighing you down the first thing that comes to mind is to hit the beach and enjoy a swim. But getting lost in all the excitement could make you forget to take the precautionary measures on water safety. So be careful as one false move can turn out to be a lifetime of regret and losses. GeoHoliday Timeshare states that to help your kids’ swimming fun from getting spoiled, educate them about the swimming safety tips that they need to follow. Advise them never to swim alone as doing so can endanger their lives as no one will know when they encounter a problem. It is also important to teach them lifesaving skills for emergency situations as they can come in handy.

GeoHoliday Timeshare members say that people who like to enjoy a beach vacation know the majority of the activities that they partake in are water related. And so having the right beach safety practices and water safety education will enhance their experience tenfold. Tourists should ensure that they have the time to consider all water related activities and learn all the safety practices to maximize their fun. Knowing how to be safe and avoid problems is part of the safety process, as being out of your comfort zone in new locations can turn out to be a difficult thing but as long as you are prepared and informed about the places and dangers involved you will be fine.

GeoHoliday Timeshare members advise parents to allow their children to only swim in areas where lifeguards are always present as this way they will be well protected and safe while swimming.


GeoHoliday Timeshare Highlights The Things You Need To Declare At Customs

GeoHoliday Timeshare holders know that when you travel internationally, you will have to go through customs as you get off your plane. The process of going through customs can be easy or difficult. It is often up to the traveler to decide which way they are going to go. One of the decisions that travelers have to make is what they need to declare and what they do not need to declare. If they do this right, the process of going through customs is easy. If they make a few mistakes, the process can get much more difficult.

Most travelers will need to declare the things they bought or acquired while they were traveling in another country remind the members of GeoHoliday Timeshare. They do not need to declare the personal items that they bought in with them. It is not required to declare everything that you bought. You usually only have to declare items that are over a certain amount. The internet can help you find this information before you travel. It is also important to declare any large amounts of cash that you are carrying. There are also limits on this that can be found on the internet.

Should you declare?

GeoHoliday Timeshare knows that some travelers try to speed up the process of getting through customs by not declaring the things that they have bought or by trying to sneak things into a country that is not allowed. It is possible that you can get away with this. Custom’s officials do not check everything that you have on your person as you go through customs. The problem is that you have no control over how diligent a custom’s official is. If they do find you not declaring things, it will cost you time and money to fix. Be safe and honest to make it through customs easily.


Geo Holiday Timeshare Members Provide Tips for an Original Adventurous Excursion

Geo Holiday Timeshare members know that a Backpacking experience can turn into a worthwhile experience for the whole family if you’re prepared and able to make some modifications. Your children will get to investigate the outside, enjoy the fresh air and experience the natural world. This also means that everyone can share quality time in each other’s company without computers and smart phones. This will stand out as a great part of the trip and strengthen family ties.

Geo Holiday Timeshare owners suggest that tourists planning on an excursion with their family to set reasonable goals ahead of time. For any outdoor adventure experience you need to mark your current course so that you don’t find yourself lost in the outdoors lacking the knowledge of where to go. If you have younger kids along with you it’s better to follow short trails and steer clear of voyaging directly into unsure territories until you are with a well-versed instructor who knows the area.

Geo Holiday Timeshare representatives claim that you should concentrate on the sights and sounds to ensure that children maintain interest in extended hikes. Creating a sense of excitement can also help children continue onward. The youngsters will love to learn about the plant life and take pictures along the way.

Geo Holiday Timeshare associates state that you need to begin the backpacking voyage early in the morning and return before sunset. Carrying a child’s favorite snack will help keep them focused and full. Before starting the journey you have to set up the standard safety rules such as not walking about on your own and also not eating any wild berries. Just about every backpacker ought to possess a whistle in the event anyone gets lost or has to deal with hazard.

Should you feel that a new backpacking adventure might be too much for you, you can easily go back to the hotel where you can enjoy room service and friendly employees to greet you.


Flying or Driving: Which is Cheaper?

Geo Holiday Timeshare members know that these days, many people are finding themselves strapped for cash in a number of different ways. That doesn’t mean that the world stops, though. Indeed, travel is still a part of many people’s lives even if they might not be able to afford it. Of course, when you travel, your two first options are often flying or driving. But, which one is the more affordable option? There’s no universal answer to this question, so there are a few things you may need to take into account.

Distance – The distance between the starting point and the destination is vital. If the distance is simply too long to drive affordably, then a plane ticket might be your best option. Still, if you’re only traveling the equivalent of a few tanks of gas, then you might consider driving.

Quality of Your Car – Even relatively short distances can become problematic if your car isn’t up to snuff. If the car has poor gas mileage or it’s simply old and unreliable, then you may want to consider a plane ticket. Nothing’s worse than breaking down in the middle of a road trip.

Compare Costs – You should know your car’s gas mileage so that you can better estimate the price of a road trip. For instance, if you get 30 miles per gallon with a ten-gallon gas tank, then you can feasibly travel 300 miles between fill-ups. Check the gas prices to see how much that would end up costing you. Then, of course, compare that price to the price of a plane ticket advice the experienced members of Geo Holiday Timeshare.